The Campaign for the University of Melbourne

Support student participation in University sporting clubs, teams and athletic pursuits


Supporting student participation in University Sporting Clubs

Sport is an essential component of the University of Melbourne experience.

The University prides itself on providing opportunities for students both at the elite level and at a level that encourages regular physical activity and social interaction that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

For many alumni, participation in sport provided the invaluable opportunities to develop the personal skills, values and life-long friendships that, in the long term, have proved as important as academic qualifications.

To provide today’s students with the best opportunities, we have established a Vision for Sport to be the leading Australian university for sporting performance, level of participation and quality of facilities.

Your support of student participation in our sporting clubs, teams and high profile athletic pursuits will ensure that today’s students continue to enjoy the benefits which sports and physical activity bring to both personal and academic development.